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Grand Slam Pitching Machine

The Grand Slam Home Pitching Machine (HPM) is a revolutionary new batting machine designed to increase hand eye coordination. The idea for the Grand Slam HPM originated with the training acquired by some of baseball's greatest stars, like Babe Ruth and Willy Mays - stickball. Basically, the Grand Slam HPM has automated a time-tested activity that is guaranteed to increase hand eye coordination.

The Grand Slam HPM utilizes a hollow plastic golf ball and 1" diameter bat creating a concentrated hit zone. This 2 ½" hit zone forces the batter to keep his/her eye on the ball - a key factor for any successful batter. Plus, the plastic golf balls are slightly irregular by design, which causes the pitches to be delivered randomly without any operator adjustment.

In fifteen minutes, a player can hit about 150 golf-sized balls. With the reduced hit zone it makes hitting a regular ball with a full size bat much easier! Plus, only one player is needed to operate the machine.

Pro players like the Grand Slam because it duplicates a pitcher's delivery better than any machine on the market. The balls maximum speed is about 35 mph - but the machine is positioned only 20 feet away, which, according to the Pros, creates the equivalent of a 100-mph pitch!


Swift Stik can do more for your swing than any other training bat. Improve hand-eye coordination, increase bat speed, build muscle memory, and isolate the sweet spot. Use in place of your game bat to get more out of practice or use before a game for extra swings. Use indoors or outdoors, no setup required, just swing! Use with Wiffle®, tennis or soft foam balls. If you can hit with Swift Stik, you'll hit better with a game bat.

  • Available in 30" youth and 34" adult sizes
  • Includes training drills video
  • Includes 4 golf-size Wiffle® balls

Swingaway 2000

The Swing Away allows hitters to position the ball anywhere inside the strike zone....inside, outside, from just 8" above the plate to the top of the strike zone. It is designed for efficient and quick training, indoors or outdoors, requiring approximately a 10' x 10' space. When you're worn out from hitting, simply convert the Swing Away into a rebounder to work on pitching, fielding, and throwing accuracy.

When hitting, the ball is never out of control. It strikes the net in a way that allows you to see the trajectory of each batted ball, which is then returned to its preset position within three seconds. A reinforced base and floor grips keep the Swing Away stable.

The baseball is attached to a patented bungee cord and weighted home plate system. The ball can be adjusted for height from 10 lateral positions. The water/sand filled home plate has holes in it so the ball can be moved around the strike zone.

The Swing Away frame is made of industrial grade 16-gauge steel tubing and folds in half for easy transportation. An optional Travel Bag makes transporting in just about any vehicle a cinch.

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