Player Training

Fall training is the key to a successful transition!

Our program is highly successful and broken down into two phases.

Phase One

The initial phase is an intense program that is designed to blast the muscle memory over the course of ten days. With over 2000 cuts, we will provide excellent one-on-one instruction that put these young athletes into the exact position and use the identical mechanics the best players in the game are using.

  • Individual, one-on-one instruction
  • TOTAL elimination of "lunging, drifting, and 'front-foot' hitting"
  • Proper use of hips and lower body
  • A "natural" swing tailored to put "the plane of the swing on the same plane as the pitch"
  • The hands correctly staying "inside the ball"
  • A short stride to the ball
  • Dynamic balance from stance through follow-through
  • Optimized swing for bat "speed," bat "quickness," and POWER
  • Minimized head movement
  • The ability to hit to all fields -- with power
  • Increased confidence-building gained from learning these productive mechanics

Phase Two

Refresher Lessons. Refreshers are for all players who have gone through our Ten-Day Program and wish to continue the development process and to make sure that their core mechanics have not appreciably changed since we last saw them as well as continuing on with the good habits that have been established.

INSTRUCTION DATES!!! We only take a limited number of new students each year so act now, the dates fill up fast. Please email and set up your private instruction with one of the best hitting instructors in the business.