Making the Connection

Welcome to Making the Connection Coaching Center, a baseball & softball resource center for players, coaches and parents.  ParkerTraining, LLC has created a strategic instructional and training resource that is specifically designed to meet the growing need for greater baseball and softball hitting instruction for players and coaches alike. 

Due to the over-whelming requests for our instructional and training information on rotational hitting mechanics, ParkerTraining, LLC has created the perfect training center.  Packed with high quality information that allows coaches from all across the country to join coach Parker as he delivers an endless supply of training instruction. 

"MTC Training Center is like having coach Parker on your coaching staff, it's that good!"

-Mike Sanz

Making the Connection is a uniquely designed program that targets the critical elements in the swing process.  Learn what great hitters are doing and how you can easily and naturally maximize your ability to teach your players great hitting mechanics.  A cutting edge information delivery system that allows concepts and techniques to be easily taught, learned and deciphered.  A program that challenges the norm of an old school mentality and ineffective training methods with a simple, logical approach to hitting and our top secret to hitting success. 


Sign up today and you will receive all 28 issues of past articles published - you will be added to our distribution list for all future publications - you will receive our special video analysis voice-over series on the best players in the game - Special case studies on young hitters - Video-cast directly from Coach Parker - 300 plus photo & video vault - and the best deal on training equipment offered on the internet today.  I am offering a 30% discount to the first 500 members, after that it will return to the regular price structure.  Making the Connection Coaching Center is a yearly membership that is loaded with value and a resource designed to meet your coaching needs. 

  • Video-casts: Coach Parker presents mini training sessions in video format that target specific areas in the swing process that you will only find here!  
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Volume Three

  • Hitting Mechanics and a Coach's Perspective
  • Spring-Loaded and the Slowpitch Drill
  • Sportsmanship - A Great Story

Volume Two

  • A Champion Within by Denis Waitley
  • A Competitor by Bruce Brown
  • Sparky's Fence Theory
  • Staying Connected
  • Power, Power, Power
  • Weight Transfer v Rotational
  • Bonds is King
  • Timing is everything
  • Finding your axis
  • Does slicing down through the ball make sense?
  • What do I do? - My kids coach is linear, but my kid is not!
  • A Coaches Ego - From little league to the pro's

Volume One

  • Why Rotational
  • The Hips are the Key
  • Elbow Up - Matching the Path of the Pitch
  • Hands Inside the Ball and What it Really Means
  • Plate Coverage-inside and out
  • Mental Approach-Is there one, what is it?
  • Step by Step - Breaking down the swing
  • Linear instruction - Why it is flawed
  • Take a Look at the Pro's
  • Stride or no stride
  • Two Strike Hitting
  • Chopping Wood - The analogy gone wrong

Free eBook

Breaking it down is a 20 page eBook that examines the principles of rotational mechanics, where it came from and why the best players in the game are using this technique. Pictures and illustrations help bring the concept alive and will break down the key elements that defines rotational hitting. Breaking it Down eBook is free.