Teach Your Players to Swing Like the Best Hitters in the World

Parkertraining is dedicated to teaching rotational hitting mechanics to players and coaches alike for one reason, it's the best thing you could ever do for your players, sons or daughters. Coach Parker has over 23 years of coaching experience and shares everything he knows when it comes to teaching rotational hitting mechanics. "What took me a lifetime to learn can be yours in a matter of minutes." Literally 1000's and 1000's of hours coaching, training, teaching and learning all compiled in the following pages from one coach to another.

Simply put, understanding great swing mechanics is one thing, learning how to teach it is another. Here at ParkerTraining we teach the best hitting mechanics in the game and a teaching system that isolates the core principles that define perfect hitting mechanics.

Your players will thank you, their parents will thank you and your opponents, well...let's just say they may not like you so much.

Rotational Hitting
& How I Teach It

A step-by-step break down of how to teach the perfect swing. Learn how to teach the best mechanics in the game.

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Training Videos

The ParkerTraining System complete with training manual and a step- by- step break down in video format.

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Rotational hitting and why every player in the game should be using these mechanics.


Rotational hitting mechanics in fastpitch and how it will improve your team.


Coaches Center Videos, training manuals, jpegs and much, much more...

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Special audio & video segments with Coach Parker breaking down the hitting process.