Welcome to the Coaches Corner, designed for coaches by coaches. When it comes to hitting one thing remains true, regardless of what or how you are currently teaching, and that is the fact that your players and their parents are looking to you for the answers. There is a difference in hitting styles and the implications on the success in hitting has a great deal to do with how they are being taught.

One of the biggest mistake coaches make in teaching hitting is failure to ask questions and challenge what is actually happening in the swing process. If you look closely at the sequence of hitting you will notice the position of the front elbow. The reason for focusing on the front elbow is simple - many coaches teach a downward swing to the ball, classic linear motion. But, the problem is that the best hitters in the game today, at all levels, don't use these mechanics. It is impossible to swing down on the ball, throw your hands at the ball or the knob of the bat and get your front elbow up as seen in the examples above.

Do you understand the principles of rotational mechanics and why they are so important when it comes to maximizing the players swing? is dedicated to teaching and informing coaches, parents and players the art of rotational mechanics and exposing the truth about great hitting mechanics.

Teaching the core principles of great hitting mechanics require:

  • Weight Transfer
  • Leading with the hips
  • Leveling (match barrel to ball)
  • Ideal Impact (short & compact)
  • Extension (getting long)

These hitting principles have been directly linked to the very best player to ever play the game and an overwhelming majority of the best hitters in the game today as well as the past, both male and female, young and old! From the pro's to the little leaguer and everywhere in between.

Make your mark in your players lives and give them the tools to maximize their natural ability, you will be amazed at the results.


Learn how I teach the best seing mechanics in the game.

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