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Sparky Parker

Sparky has been coaching baseball and fastpitch on the Eastside since 1988 and has experienced high levels of success. In 1993, Sparky coached a Kirkland U-18 girls fastpitch team to a World Series Championship and followed up with a fourth place finish in 1999 and a 2nd place finish in 2001. He has continued to produce quality teams and players year after year.

Coach Parker prides himself on "always learning" and is a true student of the game. Coach Parker holds a Masters in Education and thoroughly understands the essence of hitting and the art of teaching.

I have been coaching for 22 years and have attended 100's of seminars on hitting over the years. Out of every clinic and seminar that I have been to, no one has ever once said "would you like to know how Edgar Swings, how about Barry, Arod or Jr". It wasn't until I came across Mike Epstein that I truly learned what hitting really was all about. Life is all about choices and when it comes to hitting there are choices, rotational and linear. You have a choice, look into it, educate yourself and then ...make a choice.

It always amazes me when I hear instructors claiming to teach a combination of the two. If an instructor really understands the difference between the two styles they will know that the properties that make-up the rotational swing are polar opposites of a linear swing on every aspect. In fact ,the only similarity that the two styles may share would be the stride to toe-touch, after that, you are either linear or rotational.

Here at ParkerTraining we are dedicated to the teaching and training of rotational hitting mechanics 100%, and believe in every ounce of the style.